Introducing to TOPKIT .NET Builder

TOPKIT .NET builder help programmers and designers to make .NET, HTML and PHP/AJAX components on creative and professional way. TOPKIT .NET is for everyone involved in the education, programming, IS architects and project managers.

  • Covered Bussines Functions
    • Supply Chain
    • Healthcare
    • Social Security, Employment and Education
    • Accounting and Auditing, Registration, Financial Information Services
    • Entry Point, Transport
    • Customs
    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Statistics
    • Architecture, Engineering and Construction
    • Travel, Tourism and Leisure
Supported Languages : C#, VB.NET, C++, J#, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, SQL
Productivity Features : Simple to use, save your time, reduce errors, increase profitability, quick integration, free upgrades, using templates from TOPKIT .NET Catalog


TOPKIT builder using TOPKIT Catalog as a framework for building .NET, AJAX/PHP and HTML components. Content off the TOPKIT Catalog are international standard like UN/EDIFACT Directory, measurements, currencies, locations and user codes. TOPKIT Catalog is reach information vector for building databases, data access layers and user interfaces based on word standards.

How to use TOPKIT Catalog

With TOPKIT .NET builder you generate your own user business systems and documents as input for your applications. E.G. if you want to build AJAX/PHP/MySql you simply select user document, check some build options and with only one mouse click generate complete application (MySql database, data access layer and user interface) to manage database data using AJAX/PHP modules. Same logic is for all other builders (e.g.ASP.NET custom controls, HTML Pages, ...) All generated code is in source format, so you can see generated code or make changed, ... . TOPKIT .NET Builder also includes some useful tools like Database Scripter and Catalog exporter into XML.


This prerequisites are required :

  • Windows environment
  • MS SQL Server 2008 (Express 2008)
  • Framework 4.0
  • Apache,PHP,MySql (e.g. XAMP)
  • Recomended 1GB or more disc space
  • Recomended 1GB or more memory

Built In Editor

  • Features
    • WEB Site Templates
    • WEB Site Importer
    • WEB Site Exporter
    • Real Time HTML/PHP Page Preview
    • HTML, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, .NET Templates

AJAX/PHP/HTML Form Builder

Ajax features enable you to quickly create Web pages that provide a rich user experience and that feature responsive and familiar user interface (UI) elements. Ajax includes client-script libraries that incorporate cross-browser ECMAScript (JavaScript) and dynamic HTML (DHTML) technologies. By using Ajax, you can improve the user experience and the efficiency of your Web applications. Generated application is ready to use.


With TOPKIT .NET you can build components or applications for areas like ASP.NET custom controls, .NET business objects, AJAX form pages and HTML Pages. With included tools you rapidly decrease development time and minimize errors to zero.

  • TOPKIT .NET Features
    • Catalog Manager
    • Catalog Importer, Exporter
    • Editor
    • HTML Page Wizard
    • HTML Help Wizard
    • CSS Class Builder
    • AJAX/PHP/MySql form builder
    • MySql Database Builder
    • ASP.NET Custom Control Wizard
    • Windows Form Controls Wizard
    • Business Object Wizard
    • Data Access Layer Wizard
    • MS SQL Database Builder with relations And Scripter
    • Collection Wizard


TOPKIT .NET Builder €19.00